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Every employee at Leiner Pak Gelatine Limited is expected to utilize his energies in discharging his duties by hard work, integrity and professionalism. These results can only be achieved by defining certain minimum standards.

The code of conduct sets the acceptable standards, expected to be adhered by all the employees at all times. It will help for sustainable growth of our business and to promote corporate culture in the country.

Leiner Pak employees must observe following regulations in their day to day business activities:-


1.    Highest level of integrity is Pre requisite to stay at Leiner Pak Gelatine Limited for its employees at all levels.
2.    Professionalism must not be compromised at any stage.
3.    Adherence to the regulations of law of land and no unethical act be done or instigated.
4.    Leiner Pak Employees should always safeguard the interest of company and its share holders.
5.    It is duty of every employee to follow the standards designed by the company for the management, environment and safety.
6.    Every employee should pay respect to his fellows, seniors and other company officials.
7.    Ethical values must be observed while dealing with the representatives of other organizations and regulatory Authorities.
8.    All employees will always consider that their any illegal/un ethical act can damage the reputation of Leiner Pak Publically and it will never be allowed.
9.    Transparency in all declarations, recording the actions/matters in true quantum and raising the concerns damaging the image of the company with management.
10.    Every employee is expected to fully comply with the procedures, policies, rules & regulations, controls and other guide lines issued from time to time by the management.
11.    Every employee of the company shall be restrained from accepting any un lawful payments in discharging his duties regardless of the amount so received.
12.    Law of Pakistan be obeyed in its letter & spirit.


Following rules are specifically designed to be observed by the employee, management and directors of the company.


Political discussions must be avoided in duty hours and company does not support any political party or activity.


High value gifts shall neither be accepted nor presented to any authority or person. Any expense on gifts shall be approved by competent authority properly recorded


Any commission / fee to be paid to certain person/agency must be approved and in accordance with company policies.


No one employee of the company is expected to give media statement until and unless it is approved by C.E.O.


It is company’s policy to avoid un ethical practices and Leiner Pak does not allow to give or receive the bribe to get any type of advantage i.e. financial or otherwise.


Every employee of Leiner Pak is entrusted to keep all sensitive information of the company confidential in conducting the business activities.

It is duty of the concerned employees to record the transactions with accuracy in terms of quality and quantity so that correct information be disseminated throughout the company.


Internal control has be devised by the company. It is binding on the employees who are part and parcel of the internal control implementation to observe the rules and regulations, so designed.


A comprehensive accounting system is designed which is being up grated time to time. Persons who are entrusted to record the financial transactions must ensure to record the transaction with accuracy and in time.


Leiner Pak is a manufacturing concern and has got valuable assets installed at factory site alongwith some movable properties such as vehicles. Employees are expected to utilize the company’s tangible and intangible resources for the sake of company business and no personal utilization be involved until and unless it is permitted by the competent authority.

It is to be observed by all employees that their personal interests and relationships should not over ride their legal and moral obligations in discharging their duties as employees. In other words there shall not be a conflict of interests between company’s business and personal activities & financial interests of the employees.


The essence behind the policies and procedures designed in the form of code of conduct is to bring discipline, harmony and respect in personal actions and day to day business activities of the employees.
Leiner Pak employees must have comfortable relationship with their customers, contractors and suppliers leading to long term association and mutually beneficial business transactions in accordance with companies Para meters.


It shall be quite clear to every employee that adherence to all rules and regulations including management system, environment, safety rules, accounting & internal control systems, code of conduct and guide lines issued in day to day business transactions is must.

Any deviation, non compliance by the employees shall lead to disciplinary actions which many cause to fail, suspension, dismissal and criminal proceedings in accordance with the magnitude and level of non compliance.


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