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Our corporate strategy is very much in line with vision and mission statement. Strategic objectives are covering the following areas.
•    Sustainable growth.
•    Promotion for efficient use of energy.
•    Innovation in product line.
•    Customer satisfaction.
•    Adherence to the code of conduct.
•    Safeguard the share holders interest.
•    Continuous improvement of human capital.


It is planned to innovate the product line with scheduled R&D activities. Energy Conservation through calibration, expert advises and induction of efficient machinery and replacing the old production line which shall lead to sustainable growth. Well equipped quality assurance department is maintained to achieve consistency in quality of the products. Optimal utilization of company resources to achieve the economy level. Investment in human capital by participating in workshops conference and different technical courses offered by reputed institutions. Formulation of Code of Conduct for better governance and to bring corporate culture in company.

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