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To produce high quality gelatine, all production steps are controlled by qualified engineers with the help of latest equipments installed in production halls and laboratory. Following are main features of quality control:
• Complete analysis of water and raw materials to check contamination, if any.
• Continuous examination of acidulation, liming, neutralization and washing process.
• Computerized supervision of the extraction process.
• Optical control of filtration process.
• Automatic supervision of purification and evaporation.
• Sterilization through automation.
• Computerized control of the air supply, degree of sterilization and drying process.
• Checking of the moisture and grist distribution of each individual batch.
• Packing material and gelatine mixing are checked to avoid any contamination.
• Regular checking of hygiene to protect production sections, equipments, tools and personnel from bacteriological affects.
• Trail record of each batch produced is kept .

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